Birth Photography

Thinking about having your birth photographed?

So if you’re reading this page, its most likely because you might be interested about having your birth photographed (or your due a little one soon), and trust me you will not regret it. if you do Bringing a life into the world is a miracle, and it should be captured, from the not so wonderful moments, to that moment you hold your beautiful newborn in your arms. Although you're living the experience, you’ll be surprised how much you won’t remember - the whole experience can be a blur. If you've already had a child before then you'll know what I'm talking about. So having these photos, will serve as a beautiful reminder of the moment you brought your little bundle of joy to earth-side, and forevermore you will be able to look back and re-experience all those moments that are truly irreplaceable (minus the pain!).

Worried about where I am?

I’ve attended nearly 20 births now since starting birth photography in 2017, and my aim is be as discreet as possible during the whole experience. I usually always use a slightly zoomed lens so I can keep as far out the way as possible, capturing every single beautiful moment from a safe social distance, leaving you, and your birthing partner (or anyone you’ve chosen to be present), to be completely in the moment, forgetting I’m even there.

Will you be there in time for the labour - What happens if I am early/late?

Leading up to your birth, I will be on call for 4 weeks - 2 weeks either side of your due date, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will be 100% dedicated to receiving your call. My workplace will be told beforehand, so at any point during work hours I will be allowed to leave to attend, and also any time during the evening. I will not book any photoshoots into my diary in the 2 weeks before and after your birth either.

Due to this reason, I now currently only book 4 births a year, as I am unable to carry out any other services during your timeframe - therefore my birthing shoots become incredibly booked up and last minute requests are not always possible.

All About My Style

I am all about documentary - those gorgeous images that are completely unposed and simply show each moment in its pure, raw, and emotional state. Working as a documentary photographer also allows me to work in many light conditions, although I can’t work in complete darkness during the labour photography as it will mean using flash which I avoid to enable me to remain discreet.

Before your labour shoot, I pre-discuss with the couples what photos they are hoping for me to capture. Some people don’t mind every detail being captured, others prefer me to focus much more on the facial emotions, rather than anything too intimate - this is completely up to your own personal preference! Throughout the shoot your dignity and confidentiality remains foremost. All images will be edited in a tasteful way, either darkening or blurring out any details you wish not to share, allowing you to feel comfortable at all times.

My Editing Process

Depending on the duration of your labour, it can affect how long the editing process will take and therefore the waiting period to receive your images. Most commissions will take between 6-8 weeks, although this can extend to around 10 weeks in busy periods.

My photos will be edited in my current style, using my own handmade presets consisting of warm and golden hues, majority of my images will also be edited in black and white, allowing you to choose between

colour or not. 

Some images will only be sent in black and white, this will be due to if your room is too dark when in labour, usually I ask for a few side lights to be turned on, otherwise it can make the images pixelated due to the dark. As explained previously, I also don’t use flash during labour shoots to allow you to concentrate on being in the moment.


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